Thursday, September 30, 2010

REAL Keys to Earning Money Online 

There are many ways to earn money online some more difficult than
others, some more expensive than others but ALL require vasts amount
of time to set up and maintain. There does exist a way to earn money
online that is not as
time-consuming or expensive as other “systems”. In fact, if you can
spare ten minutes a day or a half hour or so per week, you can make
money online. With that much time and effort I can’t guarantee
you’ll earn big money
but you’ll earn something. And, of course, once you you do see those
trickling dollars here, a few pennies there; you’ll want to place
even more time and effort into it! That’s when the ball will really
start rolling. This method of making money online ONLY snowball’s
into larger and larger proportions the more you put into it. There’s
NO selling, NO advertising costs, once implemented there are NO
headaches. Who knows maybe you can even quite your job some day and
have a veritable “cash tree” at home. It is the one thing ALL the
search engines crave, the reason they send out their “robots”. The
search engines will eat your site up and deliver you thousands of
FREE visitors. You don’t even need a website to start earning online
with this method.

So here are the Keys to Earning Money Online:

1st Key – Content

That’s the answer that literally thousands of people package up with
pretty bows and landing pages (a.k.a web page) and sell to you for
about eighty bucks too much. There may lie a secret out there to
making money online but the one I stand with is CONTENT. That is the
key to making money online, easily, affordably, and continuosly.


Fresh, informative, unique, quality Content, to be more precise, is
what search engines adore. It’s free, you can write your own content
and you don’t even have to be an amazing writer (just look at me
and I’ve been earning money online for nearly ten years now). You
can work on it whenever you like. Your content so way what you will
(try to keep it legal).

Keyword Density – Amount of times a keyword or keyword
phrase repeats itself in your content.

e.g. You write a fabulous five hundred word review on “Tennis Shoes”. Your
topic of choice is Tennis Shoes but this keyword phrase (Tennis
Shoes) is only displayed in your title and never again shows up in
your content but the keyword phrase “Muddy Terrain” (just an example)
repeats itself ten times in your text. What you really want are
readers that are looking for “Tennis Shoes” but you’re instead
receiving “Muddy Terrain” visitors because to the search engine
robots the Keyword Phrase that repeats itself the most is, you
guessed it: “Muddy Terrain”.

Try to aim for a 5% keyword density and all should be alright. This
figure is often difficult to achieve without your content sounding
very very very very very repetitive. If you want targeted readers
you need to create a balance between quality and keyword density.
This isn’t hard and I can guarantee it gets easier as you go along.
Back to our e.g.

5% keyword density on 500 words = 25 repetitions of “Tennis Shoes”
is needed. So try to get those into your content right away to
ensure that the search engine robots know how to classify your
content. (I know that the figures may be off as there are TWO words,
its okay to estimate).
2nd & 3rd Key – Display & Monetization

These two keys I’ve grouped together for a reason: Display and
Monetization go hand in hand. To ensure that you’ll earn money
online your content should be displayed in a way that it is both
easy for the reader to read. Reading your content should be a
pleasure. This is also true for your ads (Monetization), they should
display meaningful offers based on your content. Displaying your
content can be done in a number of methods:
1. Website-
You can always buy a domain, pay someone to build you a website (or
build it yourself) and then place ads on your page to monetize your
2. Blogs -
Same concept as “Website” but without the hassle of building or
buying anything as most are free.
3. Article
Directories -
This is where you submit your content to directories that do exactly
what you need them to do: Publish your content. These sites are dedicated to
getting people reading your content.
Many also offer Revenue Sharing on ads displayed when a visitor
reads your content from their site. This is BY FAR the easiest and
simplest way to make money online with your content. The more of
these you submit your content to the more you’ll earn (generally
Revenue Sharing - Mainly
done with contextual ads, for example: Google AdSense, Overture,
FAN, etc. In return for your content (to prove to you the power of
content) these websites offer you a percentage (usually in the 50%
range) of the impressions of the ads shown when a user reads your
article. Confused?

Let’s say 100 people read your article, that means that the ads will
in/surrounding your text will display with your Publisher Id for 50
of those views (based on a 50/50 sharing rate). Which means that,
during those 50 impressions, if a visitor clicks on an ad YOU earn
money for that click! This may not seem like much but don’t forget
that these sites receive millions of viewers a month and there is
not limit to the amount of dorectories you can submit your content
to. Post to as many of these as possible.

Contextual Ads - Remember
I told you to keep that keyword density up? Well this is why. The
most common ads, contextual ads, work on keywords. These will
reflect ads that are pertinent to the context of your content. Why
is this important? Higher paying keyword phrases will yield higher
paying clicks. Some companies pay up to 50 dollars A CLICK on
certain keyword phrases! If your content has a good keyword density of
those 50-dollar-keywords then those ads will be displayed and if
someone clicks on that ads you’ve just earned 50 bucks!

Link Backs -
Some of the Article Directories don’t offer Revenue Sharing but you
should still submit to these as well. Why? You may be asking?
Simple. In ALL article directories you can place a link to anywhere
you like in your resource box (by anywhere I normally mean a website
or page). Why not place a link to one of your submissions on another
site? Maybe one that does allow to earn? You still benefit from
their mountains of traffic and all it cost you was a couple of
minutes filling out some forms.

4th and Final Key – YOU

You, author, writer, poet, blogger, you are the ULTIMATE Key. If you
really and truly want to earn money online, whether it be part time
of full time, you are the answer. The more work you put into this (like
all else in life) the more you get out of it. I have given you all
the Keys to Earning online right here and if you have any other
questions you may always ask now it’s time for you to open the door
as only you have that ULTIMATE key!